This is some snapshots from my work in a motion ride for Robotronic AB in Sweden.Its a 4 minute
ride in pyramids of egypt done in 768 x 576 resolution PAL projected by a Sony in the cabin that fits 6 people.
Music is also my own and added as a stereo pair and one channels for SMPTE code and everything is put on a
DVD by MPEG company in Stockholm.I dont really like the ride myself because i feel sick in the cabine,but I`m
satisfyed with the animation. All done in Bryce 4 (and corrected a little bit with a superb program called Commotion by Puffin Design).

See the Quicktime (26,4Mb)

All pictures is © Copyright Peder Tannemyr 1999

© Copyright 1999
Bertil Grip / Peder Tannemyr